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Zimbra Web Client Doesn't Download Compressed Javascript

By steve - Posted on 02 December 2009

This issue has an updated article.

I have a client using Zimbra that was having problems with the web client failing to start. It would get the the Zimbra logo screen, but not finish downloading everything.

The problem didn't occur everywhere. For instance, on the systems on the same LAN as the server, it worked fine. On some remote systems it worked fine. On the computers at his house, however, it wouldn't load. Only the "lite" HTML client would work.

We flushed the cache on the clients, but it didn't help. We checked for viruses and that didn't help. We called the cable company (ISP) and that helped a little, but still no joy.

We changed the MTU on the router: no help.

We upgraded to the latest 5.x version and still no joy.

The strange thing was, if we brought the system into the office, it worked.

I know Zimbra does some pretty elaborate caching and uses compressed javascript files, so I was pretty sure it had something to do with that...

Well, at this point, it seems the problem was with the javascript cache that was left in place during the upgrades we did.

By doing this:

# su - zimbra
# zmcontrol stop
# rm -rf /opt/zimbra/jetty/work/*
# zmcontrol start

I was able to clear the cache on the server, have it completely rebuilt automatically, then, after clearing the local cache again, the remote client started working.

So far, it seems to have taken care of it.

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