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Windows Server 2008 Shutdown with a 0x500ff Reason Code

By steve - Posted on 15 March 2010

I had a client that had a new Windows Server 2008 R2 server shutdown spontaneously.

In reviewing the logs, I saw where the system went into shutdown, but I couldn't tell why. All I had to go on was a 0x500ff reason code.

Resources I found to help diagnosis this issue included:

Systems Shutting Down with 0x500ff:

Shutdown codes:

None of these were really helpful, though, because the problem was kind of my fault. You see, we had installed the server, but it wasn't in its final secured location. It was sitting in an empty office. An empty unlocked office.

When some kids came in to the facility to hang out and wanted to use a computer, they tried a few times to log in, couldn't, and powered the server down, since it wasn't "working".

Oops. Looks like I have to get the server physically secured sooner, rather than later.

I had the same problem with Windows Server 2008 r2 64 bit.
and try so much solutions but no right. Then I disable Sound card and put the correct driver to vga (no microsoft driver) and now is right.
3 week and no problem.


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