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Renamed Windows Server 2008 r2 Can't See RDP (Terminal Server) License Server

By steve - Posted on 24 February 2010

RDP License Issue

So I setup a new server for a client and somehow named the server with the Dell standard naming convention of D followed by the Service Tag. This is what I use for workstations, but not such a good idea for a server as I like to have what they do be part of the name. Often something clever like SERVER1.

Anyway, I had already configured my RDP licenses and set that all up under the old name, so I knew my licensing was all set. I renamed the server without a problem, but then I kept getting notified that I only had x days and my RDP licenses would stop working.

This is the problem with installing Windows Server stuff when you are provided with a friendly Wizard that steps you through everything. All the critical stuff gets set for you, but heaven help you when you want to find the place to change it...

When I opened up the "RD Session Host Configuration" and clicked on "Licensing Diagnosis", I could see that the "Remote Desktop Services License Server Information" was pointing to the old server name, but there wasn't any way to change the license server, there. I could see the error and the lack of connectivity, but no right-click or double-click or "click and select an option" thing that would help.

I finally found it by clicking on the main "RD Session Host Configuration" so that I could see "Edit Settings" in the middle pane. Then I looked at "Licensing", then "Remote Desktop License server" where it said "Specified".

Double clicking that brought up Properties and a Licensing tab. This is where you can pick "Per Device" or "Per User". Below that, I could see the license servers. I removed the old one and added the new one and my error went away!


thank you so much

i had the exact same issue and was considering paying the $200+ for tech support

man i wish the whole world was linux

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