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Netbook's Screen Too Small to Install Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

By steve - Posted on 22 February 2010

A lot of netbooks are fast enough to run Office 2003 without a problem, but if you are installing Office 2003 with the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, the "Microsoft Software License Terms" will show up and be too big to be able to see the form elements you need to click on to be able to continue...

This can happen with other software as well, if not designed with the smaller screen in mind.

The work around is to fire up the program on another computer with a larger screen and see what keystrokes will get you the answer you want.

In the case of the installer for the Compatibility Pack, hit: Tab, Tab, Space, Tab, Space, and the installer will start.

Feels kind of like a cheat for Playstation!

If you are trying to do this for different program, be sure to start the program in the manner you'll be doing on the netbook. Don't click on anything with your mouse (unless you intend to, and are capable of, doing the same thing on your netbook). That way you are replicating the netbook environment as best as possible.


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