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Getting Older Code to Run on Windows 7 (Problems with cscript and wscript)

So I have a bunch of cscript I've written in vbscript and some of it updates databases.

The database connection is done through ODBC (32-bit) drivers, for example with PostgreSQL.

As I've migrated over to 64-bit on a few systems, I haven't run into problems until I have to start dealing with ODBC not seeing 32-bit drivers. This happens a lot, actually.

Anyway, my 32-bit scripts would choke with an error about not finding my connection or driver, even though I could see it fine in the ODBC manager.

The trick was to understand that I wasn't running 32-bit scripts, I was accidentally running 32-bit scripts with the 64-bit cscript program...

Getting Older Code to Run on Windows 7 (Problems with Crystal Reports)

I'm still working to get everything 100% working under Win7 for my old VB6 developer environment. The latest issue popped up after a couple of weeks with everything appearing to be OK.

All of a sudden, VB6's IDE starts complaining "Error accessing the system registry". I had just used VB6 the week before without a problem and without any changes, so what gives?

There were a lot of attempts to help people with this error, but most were over complicated and referred to problems with Crystal Reports 8, which I don't use.

I do, however, use CR9.

After a little research I figured it out...

Problem with Ubercart Conditional Actions CA Getting "No E-Mail Sent" Error Message

I have a customer using for their shopping cart system. One of the neat functions that ubercart has is "conditional actions," which gives you extensive capabilities to automatically do certain things when an order is processed (and at various stages along the way).

Well, I added a CA to tell a customer service person whenever an order was processed with a customer comment. That way, with a certain person in charge, special compliments or requests would be handled by a person.

Anyway, I went through the setup process and tested it out and everything was working.

Later, I noticed that I started getting CA and EMAIL errors in the log for the site. Worse, users would see:

"Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists."

Installing Crystal Reports 9 on Windows 7

As part of my ongoing attempts to rebuild my XP development environment on Windows 7, without having to resort to using the XP compatibility virtual machine, I had to install an old download of Crystal Reports 9. CR9 is the basis for several older development environments I still support, so getting it to work natively is pretty important.

By running without DEP active, as described here, I think I avoided several problems, but I did run into two odd situations during the install of CR9...

Best Day Ever?

Today is greater than any other day. Why? 11/11/10 = binary 111110 = decimal 62 = ascii character code ">" (greater than). So, *obviously*, today is greater than any other. Have the best day ever.

Getting Older Code to Run on Windows 7 (Problems with DEP)

I still develop/support software and code for some older environments such as Visual Studio 6 (VS6). In fact, two of the bigger development projects I've worked on in the last 10 years were done with VB6, so it is important that my primary environment allow me to maintain these applications.

Both of these particular apps also used itgrid6 (itgrid6.ocx) which is a super-fast grid control I licensed for development around 2003.

The problem started when I started to try to recreate my development environment in Windows 7 64-bit. During the VS6 installation, Win7 complained that the program had known instability issues, but I was able to force it through. I could also install some third-party components from Xceed as they didn't have any issues installing.

However, when I got to itgrid, the installer refused to install it with an "invalid access to memory" error and a -2147023898 error. The logs showed "itGrid6.ocx failed to register."

The problem turns out to be that itGrid6.ocx (along with a lot of other activex components from that era) are not DEP compatible. DEP (Data Execution Prevention) comes enabled and you can't disable it through the user interface. In XP SP2 and later, you can get around this by disabling DEP in the boot.ini file and rebooting with it disabled, but this wasn't available to me in Windows 7 (or Vista for that matter, which I never bothered with).

I googled around and was a little discouraged because it didn't look like there was a way to disable DEP, especially when using 64-bit Windows 7 (I read where it wasn't even possible to do--not true as I found out).

It turns out in Windows 7 you can still disable DEP, but it is a little more of a cryptic process.

This is NOT for the newbie and use this information at your own risk. I've read about people trashing their systems and having to do a complete re-install. Make a complete image of your system before attempting this. You may be able to boot into safe mode to undo this, but I make no promises.

Here's what you do...

Android 2.2 Froyo on my Nexus One!

After waiting over a month since I saw it announced at Google IO back in May, I finally have the final build of Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) running on my AT&T Nexus One.

It's great!

All of the promised improvements are there and it really seems faster...

Update 2: Zimbra Web Client Doesn't Download Compressed Javascript

The FINAL, FINAL, FINAL solution. (No, we didn't switch to Exchange.)

I have several other articles on this site talking about Zimbra not working at a client's home network, but working fine at the office and other locations.

The problem was that the compressed javascript files would not download and the Advanced Web Client would not work. It stalled during download and hitting refresh multiple times MIGHT get it to almost work (the code for handling folders would almost never load). If we took the computer into the office, it worked fine. If we took it home, it worked fine. If we cleared the cache, we were back to having the problem.

Sometimes Firefox would work, but IE almost never would...

Outlook 2007 Distribution Lists Won't Work

I had a client report a problem using Outlook 2007 when trying to send email to a group list. The error was "An unexpected error has occurred" (what, as opposed to an expected error?) when email was sent and Outlook wouldn't expand the list when the + was clicked in the "To:" box.

The problem turned out to be pretty simple...

Dell Won't Boot

Strange Dell-ness!

I had worked on a client's Dell Vostro tower computer and everything was fine when I dropped it off. Later, when he tried to hook it back up and getting running, all it would do is power up, turn the fan on and off, power down, and repeat.

The thing that cleared everything was to unplug everything (sometimes a system will to boot from a camera drive or the SD card on a printer, so try unplugging those, first) including the power cord. Then press and hold the power button for a full 60 seconds.

Hook up the power cord and power the system up (don't hook up anything else!). Once you see the hard drive light flashing and it appears to be booting up, go ahead and hook up the monitor cable. If that looks good, go ahead and hook everything else and you should be fine.

Weird. This tip was provided to me by Dell tech support awhile ago, but I didn't document it. Since this is the second time it's happened, I thought I better put the tip where I could find it.

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